Friday, August 29, 2008

South Korea's New Cultural Tower

South Korea had just finalized the design of their proposed Cultural Tower to soar on the Incheon South Korea.

GDS had taken down 146 entries through 46 countries from Korea Land Corporation's design competition last March. Charged with the thought: 'In the absence of matter is the presence of hope', the edifice goes in the design concept of crystalline shard.

Charles Wee, Design Principal of GDS Architects claims: “Too often in modern times, the phrase ‘Landmark Tower’ is indicative of a nation’s desire/ego to showcase a level of economic prosperity and technological achievement for others to envy. Rather than fall victim with trying to compete with the great iconographic landmarks of the world or develop another version of the “tallest observation tower”, our heart, minds and motivation were set to represent the Power of Absence and the Strength of “Nothingness” often referred to by Louis Kahn.”

Cheongna City Tower veered away from the typical concept of highrises both by purpose and message. The very foundation of design is to permeate a hope throughout the world. The tower soars ath the astronomical height of 446 meters and popularized in the name of Tower Infinity; to illustrate humbleness and innocence from which a cultural, observation deck will function not to mention other facilities as well.

Engulfed by educational purpose, Infinity Tower are paved by technical ingenuity and innovation to lay a space where experience and education combine.

Michael Collins & Scott Callihan, Senior Associates of GDS claims:

Our shared belief in Society’s obligation for educating and mentoring our youth and steadfast determination to shy away from the typical themepark ride clich├ęs led us to create more stimulating and rewarding user experience venues. This can be seen in the Views of the World, where users enter the elevator and upon ascent to the observation level, begins a user experience where all walls transform into actual views at their corresponding heights from significant observation towers/buildings around the world.

Groundbreaking for Tower Infinity is scheduled in 2010 and completion in 2013.