Friday, September 12, 2008

Atrium City Towers Designed By Adrian Smith

Just when everyone thought that ego in height in Dubai is celebrated solitary, Atrium City Towers has taken peculiarity by soaring trinity of towers in its silver-sheathed while seamlessly merged at the bottom organically. It is a three-pronged edifice, towers have different heights respectively.

The highest tower among the three celebrates the height of 600 meters comprising 100 floors while connected by three triangular skybridges and one atop. Total area is 800,000 to 900,000 square meters and provides parking for 6,000 people.

Building is reserved for mix-used: hotel and residential, commercial, retail and entertainment, offices.

Adrian Smith, architect of Atrium City Towers claims, "The new towers that we have planned, the AC Tower and EP towers will, for the first time, employ the latest architectural ideas and techniques. They will be more energy efficient, high density building and highly sustainable,"

Not to mention, Adrian Smith's account on Dubai found a space in urban development:

"Dubai has already become the host to the highest number of supertowers in the world,"

Adrian also said:

"For example a canal and waterway will pass through the AC Towers and will create an open space for educational and theatrical activities."

At the bottom of the building is the colossal-semi-circle arch that almost inscribe in the diameter of the building acts as tunnel momentarily not to mention the building's bottom is a body of water. Skybridgres at intervals have quite ironic feat, cable-stays are attached underneath the bridges.

Public claim the design stems from a saguaro cactus that probably stirred the imagination of Adrian Smith. While some critics claim that design is inspired by Calatrava Towers in Valencia.

Adrian Smith is a former architect from Skidmore Owings & Merrill (SOM) who built his own firm, his partner Gordon. Adrian Smith's withdrawal is pursuant to age limit of 65.

Nevertheless, Atrium City Towers is another feat of Dubai skyline that will shape the urban fabric for the next decades.