Friday, September 5, 2008

Sandton City Shopping Center's Great Revival

Sandton Shopping Center of Africa is taking a new horizon. With the spear of international architectural firm, RTKL, the shopping complex will soon receive a stupendous amount of $226 million to commission on renovation and revive the life of mall from its very existence way back 1974. The project is a stupendous achievement from a competition picked by Liberty Life Properties.

Africa's shopping complex is an array of 300 shops, 11 cinemas, restaurants, with office and hotel, all of which dwell on 158,000 square meters. The design of the mall looks forward on a seamless integration on its city while stretching the premise for an extra 30,000 square meters. Plenty of features are to showcase on the complex including, new plaza, atrium, roof gardens just to name a few.

Ever since, the prestigious mall has been a major node in the city, this time part of sustainability is to take consideration on smaller premise.

Paul Dunn from RIBA and director of RTKL claims, “Our efforts are rooted in a desire to reposition Sandton City and transform its long-term vision. We are taking a space that is somewhat fragmented and dated and infusing it with a fresh, modern sensibility. Sandton City will soon be a shining example of commercial elegance and sophistication—a testament to successful mixed-use development.”

Sandton Shopping Center had renovated twice from its inauguration and construction is timed to finished early 2012.