Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Humbled Constellation

The nearest stars are nearer as anyone could begin to imagine; a constellation for the first time has been weaved to dwell on land. From American architecture firm, Gensler comes the Constellation, a flaring landmark from afar and a lighthouse of the wide vanity of silky black sky.

Constellation stays anonymous to what country it will be bestow in. Yet there are mixtures of opinions regarding the design especially the execution of geometry. Some claim the shape is superfluously executed leaving some of the volumes useless while the rest feels celebrated regarding the extraordinary approach.

The height is exactly pinned at 500m, comprising of 20 floors for office use. The first cavity, ground floors consist of entrance, retail area and the highly acknowledged exibhitions of Islamic Astronomy. Moreover, the design stays humble which use timber and gravel, an earthy approach. The rest of the tapering height goes to private function rooms. The helipad which is usually crowned atop of tower is hung aside of it.

Design is inspired by Islamic astronomy that put a huge role during the institution of civilization in the interval of 8th and 15th centuries. The geometry was exrtacted from a constellation with the aid of simulation on 3d computer model. The will is to draw a constellation in the skyline when night hit the day