Thursday, September 25, 2008

Moscow Crystal Island by Norman Foster

The world will be reverberated upon the new crystallization in Moscow. Not by height, but by stunning simplicity weaved by intertwined spiral diagonal lines, soaring at slendered shape in the skyline with its pristine white engulfed by greeneries: Crystal Island of Moscow.

Crystal Island kissed at the height of 450 meters with its blatant pointed pinnacle while the base stretched at the diameter of 701 meters, a picture of stability. The shape is a cone pulled upward and embraced by triangular cells cladded by glass. At the bottom are cascading gardens and parks. 

The building is located on the Nagatino Peninsula and sits at the skirt of Moscow River while 7.5 km away is the Kremlin.

Crystal Island is a mixed-used building: offices, residentials, exhibitions, museums, theatres, school, cinemas and has 16,500 parking areas. The building is one of the most ambitious building proposal in Moscow with the aspiration as the largest single-building in the planet. The view is a stunning panorama. Another ingenuity is the enclosure panels which are dynamic prior to penetration of heat outside and wind as well.

It's no surprise to many of us if we take the fact that Norman Foster is the architect behind the project. Shalva Chigirinsky is the investor.


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