Tuesday, September 2, 2008

London Olympics 2012: Stadium Unveiled

Critics on London 80,000-seat stadium for 2012 Olympic had bombarded the design as a work of mediocre. Critics extend too that the presentation during the bidding the conceptual images was scarce.

Rod Sheard claims: “a very simple building with a very tight, compelling bowl.”. ODA (Olympic Delivery Authority) took height that the stadium is subject to adaptive and practical uses.

The 92-feet diameter stadium is subject to removing 55,000 seats after the Olympic festivity, leaving 25,000 seats.

Severals critics also stormed the design, from columns as well as architects. The canopy took shed only 67 percent leaving the rest exposed to sky. While some took the blame on ODA and claim that authorities are taking too much interest on legacy rather than structures.

Conversely, the excitement goes on fabric curtain that will embrace on the perimeter of the stadium, showcasing electronic images. Supporters claim that the design tool pride from sustainability, which can be dismantle after the Olympics.

Design is not faith ful from its first proposal during the bidding of 2012 London Olympics. The design concept belong to muscles support the body. For economical reasons, the ODA took a less complicated version.

The structure is sought to finish on 2011 same year that the Handball Arena will be inaugurated.

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tribute to: construction.com