Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Civilization Jumpstart: Proposal of World's Tallest Structure in the Desolated Namibia, A Solar Power Generator

Namibia desert is no different from any other deserts.

While lately, Namibia is sought to jumpstart a civilization: taking the pride for building the world's tallest structure and will ultimately dwarf the ever known highest proposal, Burj Dubai.

The tower is coined as Greentower in a rising cylinder and a subtle slendered-tapered with a diameter of 280 meters

Though committed and commissioned as the tallest structure in the planet, questions still fly:

Will it suffice the country's need for electrical power?

Can Namibia and its partners afford the $900 million price tag?

Though soaring into astronomical sky, Namibia Solar Generator is not to be confused harnessing energy from the sun, instead it pulls out energy from warm air into its surrounding, and tower stands as concentric generator.

The tallest structure seems to grow in the seemingly desolated city of Namibia, South Africa. It's a solar structure that would generate as huge as astronomical as the structure is: 400 megawatts of power roughly 308 average wind turbines. The proposal roots from its location where an ocean of warm air swims throughout that drives the design which contains wind turbines

The structure also wished to extend growing crops for the purpose of feeding the people.

Spearheaded by German firm Hanh and Hanh to construct a 1,500 meter solar tower, a leviathan on the desert where its bottom-sheet spans at the diameter of 280 meters.

The proposal is still pending on approval of Namibia's government perusing for threats it could bring in the future.