Thursday, September 25, 2008

Millenium Tower World Business Center

For the business metropolis of Busan, Korea, a new landmark is about to carry the trend of the city. The Millennium Tower World Business Center, a trinity of towers in its irregular rigidity. The tower stands as picture of crispy-chamferred-crystallized-geometry with its tapering height. The tower soars at the commanding view of mountain and sea. As to the location, Millenium Tower World Business Center is a stinger for the city, but not ignoring the polite culture Korea has.. The design is celebrated from the fact that it veered away from the usual and almost stringent singular tall buildings.

The commission is a stem-project from a competition organized by the Busan International Architectural Culture Festival (BIACF) and was sponsored by the Municipality of Busan City and the Solomon Group. And was awarded and commissioned to New York based architectural firm: Asmptote Architecture namely in the names of principals Hani Rashi and Lise Anne Coulture. 

Asymptote Architecture has a reputable history worldwide whose commissions counted on: Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, the ORCO Group Paris, the New York Stock Exchange, Aldar Properties Abu Dhabi and the Equine Group in Malaysia.

The planning and materialization of WBCB belong to the following people:
  • Comissioner: Municipality of Busan City and the Solomon Group
  • Project: Hani Rashid and Lise Anne Couture
  • Group: Project Architect: Theo Lalis Sarantoglou
  • Design Team Phase II: Hani Rashid, Lise Anne Couture, Theo Lalis Sarantoglou, Angie Co, Andrew Bryant, Kasper Ax, Elise Delestre, Alessandro Gess, Martin Henn, Klaus Ransmayr.

  • Structures: ARUP David Scott, Matt Jackson, Matthew Clark, Gordon Carrie
  • Landscape: Balmori Associates
  • Consultants: Cladding Consultants: Front inc. Michael Ra, Mark Simmons, Elaine Yau, Ryan Salvas Lighting Consultant: L’Observatoire International Herve Descottes,


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